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When you are alone you understand why you feel lonely. When you are in a relationship and you feel you are alone, that is different. Our need for relationships is hardwired into our biology. It goes against the grain for us to remain alone during our lifespan. However, relationships are tough. They require humbleness, honesty, and sacrifice. 

As a Certified Gottman Method Therapist, I am trained on the work of Drs. John & Julie Gottman and their over 5 decades of research on relationships. I seek to help couples learn research-based skills to improve their relationship and live a life aligned with their values as a couple and individual. I am trained in how to treat issues such as affairs, addictions, and trauma within the couple unit. We hope to not only to make your relationship less miserable but to build a stronger, happier relationship. 

When you marry someone you marry a particular set of problems. Research has shown that 69% of relationship problems never get resolved but are perpetual based on personality differences between partners. So our goal is to manage conflict rather than completely resolve it. We want to get to a place where you can have effective communication with each other on these differences without hurting each other’s feelings. I place a high emphasis on knowing each other deeply and creating a culture of respect and fondness.

The more intimately you know your partner the better you are able to navigate conflict. But just because we resolve conflict doesn’t mean that friendship, romance, passion, and intimacy automatically come back on their own. I am also a Certified Sex Therapist Informed Professional and utilize assessments, psychoeducation, and recovery techniques to address the issues of friendship and intimacy within the relationship as well. The more we feel known by our partner the more we can influence each other and give our partners opportunities to serve us. 


I currently offer marriage intensives in the Denver Metro Area.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of CO and FL with over a decade of experience working with couples, individuals, and families. I also hold the following certifications:

  • Certified Gottman Therapist

  • Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional

  • Certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (

  • I hold certificates of completion in additional training to treat trauma, affairs, and addiction in couple’s therapy. 

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Marriage Intensives

Why Intensives?

A marriage intensive is more return on interest for your time and relationship. According to one study a divorce costs on average $14,500 in the state of Colorado. An intensive is more cost effective with the goal of not just making you less miserable but to help you build a happier and more satisfying relationship. An intensive allows us to have 6 months of therapy packed into one weekend and helps us get to the deeper root of the conflict. It can be difficult to dedicate the time and energy each week at best, sometimes 2-3 weeks in between sessions, and this allows for no interruptions.  When working within a 50 minute window it can be difficult to uncover what we need to move forward and understand each other’s perspectives.


Before the first session

Once an intensive session is booked the process will start immediately with a confidential online questionnaire completed by each partner. The Relationship Check Up is created by the Gottman Institute and included in the fee structure of the intensive. This assessment illuminates the dynamics of the relationship, highlighting strengths and areas of concern, as well as what the hopes are for counseling. The benefit of using this tool is that at no additional cost the couple can take this questionnaire again anytime in the future to show hard metrics of progress the couple has made as well as areas that are still of concern. This allows therapist and couple to focus efforts where they are needed and celebrate the strengths that have been made.

The couple will also be invited to the Gottman Relationship Builder included in the fee structure (valued at $520) this powerful tool helps therapist and couples connect using research based exercises and videos to assist in tracking and monitoring couple’s progress. This tool helps clients practice powerful Gottman method concepts they learn in therapy long after our sessions are over. The builder includes 13 modules with 35 research based exercises and 90 exclusive videos to choose from.

Individual Therapy

I provide in person and online options for individual therapy as young as age 5.


I provide supervision to LPC and
LMFT registered candidates.




5950 S. Willow Dr. Suite 120
Greenwood Village, CO 80111


Thank you!

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